Our passion is to design livable and inviting spaces.

A place where family and friends gather to create memories.

A house, our clients proudly call... home.

The collaboration of two best friends Burns and Brown was born out of their mutual love for design, passion for beauty, and desire to create livable spaces for everyday life. With over 20 years of combined experience, Burns and Brown is a full service residential interior design studio. 


Based in South Florida, Burns and Brown have tackled everything from renovations to new home construction. From New York to Philadelphia, Tennessee to Kentucky, to the white sands of the Caribbean, they specialize in complete home design.


Eileen Burns is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Burns and Brown Interior Design Studio.


Eileen began her career as a graphic designer, but it was her passion for interior design that she longed to turn into her profession. In addition to her graphic design work for clients, the list of friends, family, and neighbors asking her to design their spaces began to grow. A lifelong lover of design and details she never imagined she would create more than just the space she called home.


Creating the kind of environments that families and individuals can truly call home is her goal. Designing something from nothing, mixing the old with the new, and making a space beautiful yet livable is always a top priority. 


"There is nothing more exciting to me then when people walk into a

newly designed space and feel right at home."



"My passion is to create curated spaces for who

my clients are and their lifestyle."

Lauren Brown is the Co-Founder and Lead Designer of Burns and Brown Interior Design Studio.


Lauren has always had a passion for design from her ever-changing childhood bedroom to her sketches of interiors. Lauren decided to follow her calling and has over 15 years of interior design experience. Her career began with an internship right out of high school. After earning her Bachelor’s degree, she was offered a design position in the Turks and Caicos Islands where she lived and worked for six years. Most recently she has designed for clients throughout Palm Beach and New York. 


Lauren believes that design is a delicate balance of form and function. Building client trust and working collaboratively to create beautiful interiors in order to transform daily life is her main goal.